Merkel and Peña Nieto in Berlin last year. Merkel and Peña Nieto in Berlin last year.

Chancellor Merkel, Mexico’s new Amiga

Some say her visit to Mexico today is to show political muscle to Donald Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will arrive in Mexico today on her second stop of a three-day Latin America trip with trade and investment set to take center stage in talks with her counterpart, Enrique Peña Nieto.


Analysts, however, believe the opportunity to demonstrate her political muscle to United States President Donald Trump and shore up support on key issues such as climate change, trade and migration ahead of next month’s G-20 leaders summit are of at least equal importance to the German leader.

Merkel will host the July summit in Hamburg.

Tension has intensified between Trump and Merkel after Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, which she called “extremely regrettable.”

According to experts she is seeking to build unity among other G-20 nations, including Mexico, in order to make a consolidated stance against Trump.

Given that Mexico has also had well-known differences with the U.S. president it is likely her messages will be favorably received.

Dámaso Morales, the coordinator of the European Studies Center at the National Autonomous University, believes Germany will find a trustworthy partner in Mexico.


Merkel “is isolating [Trump] so that he sees that the whole world is on the same side. Mexico is a reliable ally because it has a history of multilateralism. The message that Angela Merkel gives Mexico is that the world remains open.”

Jacob Kirkegaard, a senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics, concurs, telling Bloomberg, “She’s essentially trying to arrive at a 19-1 outcome on these issues.”

The German government has downplayed any suggestion that the trip represents some kind of provocation to the U.S. or challenge to its long established hegemony in the region.

Germany’s ambassador in Mexico, Viktor Elbling, said Merkel’s visit was “a very clear sign of solidarity towards Mexico that demonstrates how important it is [for Germany].”

Germany is Mexico’s biggest trading partner in Europe — overtaking Spain — and fifth overall with two-way trade between the exceeding US $17.8 billion in 2016, while Mexico is Germany’s largest trade partner in Latin America.

There are around 1,900 German companies operating in Mexico such as Siemens, BMW and Volkswagen, generating 120,000 jobs.

At a time when Mexico is looking to diversify its export markets and given the chancellor’s influence in Europe, the visit might provide an opportunity to move towards a modernization of its free trade agreement with the European Union (EU), implemented in 2000.

Just 5% of Mexican exports reach Europe compared with 70% to the U.S.

Soledad Loaeza, a researcher at the College of Mexico, believes that Merkel “will do her part to accelerate” a renegotiation of the EU agreement.

Loaeza added, “Merkel [visiting] this country compensates in a certain way for the mistreatment we have suffered from the North American government, which above all has been very rude.”

Merkel’s visit coincides with the conclusion of the Mexico-Germany Dual Year, which has celebrated and promoted the relationship between the two countries.

She will be guest of honor tonight at a show in Mexico City that will close the Pop-Up Festival, a celebration of German business, culture and technology.

“The contrast between Germany’s Tour and Donald Trump’s Wall is striking and probably intentional: mobility rather than stasis, mingling not division, soft power instead of hard barriers,” wrote Brian Hanrahan today in Handelsblatt, a German business publication.

To many Mexicans, he wrote, Germany and Merkel represent “a new beacon of the liberal, free-trade global order, against a rude and reckless United States,” and it makes sense to work more closely.

Mexico, the U.S. and Canada used to be known as the Three Amigos. These days, Mexico has a new Amiga.

Source: El Sol de México (sp), Bloomberg (en), Handelsblatt (en)

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  • Michael Murphy

    Donkey face Trump is doing a fine job of totally alienating the rest of the world against the US. Good job,,,,Donkey!

    • DeplorableVI

      We like it that way. I’m puzzled why foreigners are upset that we reject their values? We fled Europe 240 years ago and don’t pretend we are European the way Hispanic leaders from Latin America do. Obama too, he fancies himself as some european prince, he’s the Black Knight and that ain’t good for the eurotrash.

      • John P

        Foreigners are not upset that Americans reject their values.
        Foreigners are puzzled why, in the words of U.S. comedian Bill Maher, “Americans are so stupid.”
        Electing Drumpf, denying climate change, not voting for universal health care, etc etc.
        64% of Americans believe in the story of Noah’s Ark.
        So that isn’t a look of rejection you are picking up on, it is a look of bewilderment.

    • DeplorableVI

      The guilt ridden Europeans all gave up on their culture and heritage. They seem desperate to be something that they ain’t. Mexicans and Americans will never do that. If you look at all the current European leaders they are childless. They have and never had children of their own. When they plan for the future of their countries they’re not thinking of their children, they are planning for whoever is paying them. Not Trump.

      • John P

        Yes, we have seen how much Daddy Trump loves Ivanka. Creepy.
        So, that kind of turns you analogy into a twisted tale that comes out in favor of the childless European leaders.
        Nice try.

  • DeplorableVI

    MExico is a receiver nation, the United States would have been a donor nation. The USA has a long painful history of “helping” Mexico only to see corruption destroy every chance of our aid quickly taken away from the Mexican man on the street. Let excommunist leader Merkel take a crack. And drop the visa requirement too.

    • Michael Murphy

      Your monkey brained president is not a statesman and a total embarrassment to a majority of American citizens. I am sure his end is near.

      • DeplorableVI

        We don’t want statesmen, Mexico has statesmen, Venezuela too. We love Trump.

        • Michael Murphy

          Is that why you consider yourself a deplorable?

          • DeplorableVI

            I’m a proud Deplorable and it’s better than being a Nothingburger. Lol.

      • DeplorableVI

        Do you think Merkel will drop visa requirements? I don’t think she will.

        • kcjmc

          I wish she’d welcome the illegal-alien Mexicans to Germany like she does the Muslims. Maybe fewer would show up in the U.S.

          • DeplorableVI

            Most European tomatoes are grown in Italy, they won’t know what to do in Germany except drink beer. And the EU does not allow Bud Lite in.

    • Commander Barkfeather

      Do you mean like when the US “helped” Mexico in 1846 or in 1914? Donald Trump is a hyena and barring impeachment, I would like to see Melania finally get frustrated enough to beat the living snot out of him. BTW–Enrique Peña Nieto gets my vote for the world’s prettiest president.

    • Meee

      There is no Visa requirement from mexicans to travel to Germany or the rest of the EU, not even the UK. So Merkel has nothing to drop…

  • jwd

    Mexico needs to pick its sides very carefully! It might sound cute to disrespect Trump and the USA, but it would be very stupid to forget who you are dealing with and who actually contributes the most to your country.

  • K. Chris C.

    Fascist meets fascist.

    Ultimately, the plan is to move Mexico far away from China and toward Europe. This is to keep Mexico in the Khazarian fifth-column run West’s control when the US tyranny finally succumbs to the Khazarians’ looting.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Mike S

    The new Trump “world order”: Saudi Royalty, Putin, Turkey dictator Erdogan, Chinese mercantilist Xi Jinping, and murderer Duarte are all in; Germany, France, NATO, Mexico, and Canada are out. I thought it interesting that Trump was in Saudi Arabia talking war with Iran and tearing up the nuclear deal just after a moderate Hassan Rouhani had just been overwhelmingly elected president there. The man is an oranged-roofed waddling outhouse.

  • csb4546

    Let’s see if we can figure this out.
    Merkel hates Trump. Mexico hates Trump.
    So Mexico loves Merkel? Is that all it takes?
    Maybe Mexico should ask Merkel to renegotiate the slave wages that BMW pays Mexican auto plant workers.
    No, that would spoil the hate-Trump alliance, and actually address a true Mexican need.