The young biochemist in his classroom. The young biochemist in his classroom.

Chemistry and biology diplomas for boy, 9

4th-grade primary student took UNAM course on the side

Carlos Santamaría Díaz, already considered to have high cognitive ability and scientific curiosity, has been awarded a diploma in biochemistry and molecular biology — at the age of nine.

Although his regular studies have him doing fourth-grade primary school classes through a distance program offered by the European Union, Carlos took on some extra studies last August through the National Autonomous University.

One-hundred and forty hours later, last October, he completed the course, along with his fellow graduate and post-graduate students, at UNAM’s Faculty of Chemistry.

At a ceremony this week he picked up three certificates. In module 1, Structure of Proteins, he earned a grade of 10 out of 10; for module 2, Methods for the Purification and Analysis of Proteins, he earned an eight; and for module 3, Principals of Molecular Biology and Protein Expression, the young student was awarded nine.

Carlos’ best friend in the class is 24-year-old Rafael Fernández Torres. “We get along very well but it is curious in the sense that at first you think you’re talking with a small child, but after conversing a little more you realize that he is brilliant and knows a great deal.

“That facilitates chatting, talking about the course and the things that interest him.”

Carlos participates in sporting activities that give him the chance to be with people his own age, said his mother, offering that she felt her son had been brought up on the right path.

With his new diploma under his belt, new challenges are ahead.

Carlos has been invited by the Chemistry Faculty’s Department of Mathematics to attend advanced algebra classes three times a week.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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