Scene of this morning's lynching in Chiapas. Scene of this morning's lynching in Chiapas.

Chiapas lynching kills 3 suspected thieves

Police attempted to intervene but were warned they too would be lynched

Three suspected car thieves were captured by residents of a Chiapas town early this morning and killed by angry residents.


The lynching followed an alleged theft attempt by the three men of a vehicle owned by a resident of Chiapilla, a town in the central region of the state.

The owner of the vehicle called police after encountering the thieves at about 3:00am and the three suspects were detained. But police said they could do nothing because the robbery had not succeeded and the thieves had not been caught red-handed.

The men were freed but later taken into police custody once again, but this time for their protection after residents, angry that the presumed criminals had been set free, began threatening a lynching.

However, the latter succeeded in removing the three men from the police vehicle where they were being held, beaten to death and set on fire with gasoline at a security booth in the entrance to town.

Police officers said later they had attempted to negotiate with the crowd, estimated to number 400 people, but were warned they too would be lynched if they interfered.


At daybreak this morning, three hours after the incident, the charred bodies remained at the security booth.

There are more lynchings in Chiapas than any other state. The newspaper Milenio reported there have been 16 since the year 2000.

Source: Milenio (sp), Via Libre Chiapas (sp)

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  • MortimerSnerd

    I am not surprised. Many parts of Chiapas are lawless, with banditry and theft universal. I myself and family were attacked by 5 carjakcing banditos on highway 199 south of Pelanque, 50km north of San Cristobal de Las Casas. We barely escaped even though we risked being shot at with gunfire, rapidly backing up weaving to escape the thieving cum-bags running after us. It was a frightening experience. We quickly learned from a private security guard that carjacing and bandity is COMMONPLACE on this stretch of road, and law enforcement is non-existant. Never never travel this road MEX199 with a car bearing a foreign license plates, as you are at extreme risk of losing it, your wallet and maybe your life.

    • Güerito
      • MortimerSnerd

        Thanks Guerito.. now I know for sure this isn’t just a one-off random event. This happened to me 3 weeks ago, a Sunday 4:10 in the afternoon, likely by the same group or gang. These are probably the same creeps that targeed the bus.. I got lucky, very lucky and got away… next time they might kill someone, but do the authourites care? Hell no, there wasn’t a cop or any sign of authoutity on the whole damn trip… the only place you see t cops are at the toll booths eyeballing cars that go by… the low hanging fruit of law enforcement There was a gun pointed at me, at me and our family and my car. There is an old saying “adrenalin is brown”..and for me that was very nearly so. Never never take Mex199… if you do you could be muerte.

  • To be lynched is to be hanged. So these guys were not lynched. They were killed, however. Same result.

    • cruz_ctrl

      technically, ‘lynch’ means to be killed by a mob, usually by hanging but not always. so, the guys were lynched, i.e.: killed by a mob.

    • David Nichols

      You beat me to it Felipe–I see this mistake often…beaten to death and set on fire is distinctly different than a lynching, as you pointed out…
      Is this maybe a translation problem.?

      • David, as Cruz pointed out in an earlier reply, I am not totally correct on this. When I first saw it, I went to my online dictionary (Collins) to be sure, and it said hanging, and only hanging. When Cruz said otherwise, I checked other sources, and they said it usually meant hanging, but not always.

        In any event, I maintain that when you read someone is lynched, 95 percent of people are going to think of hanging. I also think that misuse of the word has altered the definition in some dictionaries. It happens. I think the news story would have been better had it said they were killed, not lynched.

  • cooncats

    Just another example of failed government. The people can’t rely on it to deal with criminals so they deal with them on their own.

    • Shine

      gov’t is just there to extract money from the people.. dontcha know?

  • kallen

    As much a vigilante justice disgusts me, in Mexico it is and will be necessary until the government gets its act together and provides a semblance of justice.

  • michael

    No mention that the “justice” was wrong by posters here. The posters must all be conservatives and those self righteous folks who think that only America has justice and laws. Sorry by stealing cars is not a capital offense anywhere in the world. But, hey, let’s get tough on crime. Right, violence is the only answer to some people.