Creamer: kindergarten link investigated. Creamer: kindergarten link investigated. us marshals service

Child pornographer link probed in Chapala

Connection between kindergarten abuse case and US fugitive investigated

Investigators of sexual abuse in a Jalisco kindergarten are pursuing a possible link between the school’s English teacher and a United States citizen wanted for the production of child pornography.

Parents of the kindergarten students in San Nicolás de Ibarra, Chapala, have filed formal complaints against the teacher, who allegedly abused 11 children.

Ana Guadalupe P. was arrested in Chapala on Tuesday.

The investigation is looking into a possible link with David Benjamin Creamer, a suspected pedophile who was arrested in the U.S. in 1997 and charged with the possession and production of over 100,000 videos depicting child pornography, sexual violence and bestiality. He fled after posting bail.

Creamer, 71, is on the list of the U.S. Marshals’ 15 most-wanted fugitives and has been identified as one of the largest producers of child pornography in that country. He is believed to have made millions of dollars from the sale of his videos.

He has also been described as armed and extremely dangerous. U.S. authorities seized 70 firearms and 80,000 rounds of ammunition when they arrested him in 1997.

According to the National Immigration Institute (INM), Creamer entered Mexico via Guadalajara several years ago and witness accounts have placed him in Chapala, Ajijic and Puerto Vallarta since 2013.

Creamer has also been singled out as an accomplice of Thomas Frank White, a multimillionaire who opened a shelter in Puerto Vallarta for homeless children whom he sexually abused and filmed.

White died in a Puerto Vallarta penitentiary in 2013.

Jalisco Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer Ramírez said the search for Creamer has intensified since the Chapala kindergarten accusations. Investigators are also looking for videos allegedly filmed by the teacher.

All faculty members at the kindergarten have now been questioned, Almaguer said.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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