The chocolate bar developed by Mexican students. The chocolate bar developed by Mexican students.

Chocolate billed as remedy for insomnia

No-sugar, low-fat chocolate bar created by biochemical engineering students

Having trouble sleeping? Suffering from anxiety or depression? Four biochemical engineering students have developed a chocolate bar for that.

Vadingo is a low-fat, sugar-free chocolate bar that contains 500 milligrams of essential amino acids, the amount recommended daily for the human body.

It’s not a sweet chocolate, having no sugar, but the amino acids it contains, including tryptophan, help in the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter than, among things, regulates one’s sleep cycle and moods.

Because the typical Mexican diet is rich in carbohydrates and not so rich in vegetables, the nutrients that have been incorporated into a bar of Vadingo help provide the necessary daily requirements, reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression.

The chocolate’s creators, students at the National Polytechnic Institute, have also developed a formula to ensure it has an agreeable flavor in spite of being bitter. As well, they have incorporated soya lecithin into the mix, giving the product a shelf life up to eight months.

However, the chocolate doesn’t appear to be readily available for purchase. None of the reports about Vadingo indicated where it is sold, and an email sent by Mexico News Daily to its makers was not returned.

Source: Milenio (sp), emeequis (sp)

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