Demolition workers today at the site of illegal construction Demolition workers today at the site of illegal construction in Mexico City. reforma

City begins demolition of illegal construction

Apartment building exceeds height limit by three stories

There are many stories of construction projects that do not comply with land use and other regulations in Mexico City and beyond.


Not so common are stories about buildings being demolished for defying the law.

Mexico City workers this morning began tearing down the three illegal stories of a five-story apartment building in the San Pedro de Los Pinos neighborhood in the borough of Benito Juárez.

A stop-work order had been issued last September after it was determined that the building exceeded the two-story height limit.

The newspaper Reforma reported it was the first time in the administration of Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera that construction has been torn down for having too many floors.

The head of Invea, the city’s Administrative Verification Institute, said there are other similar situations in the city and in many cases the owners use all the legal means at their disposal to delay action by city officials.

But the case of San Pedro de Los Pinos was “a triumph,” said Meyer Klip, because it took just 14 months to obtain approval for demolition, whereas it normally takes years.

Another city official, Guillermo Orozco, said when it comes to demolishing illegal structures there will be no distinction among those responsible. He said it was important that the rules be applied equally to all.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • James Smith

    definition of “illegal construction” in mexico: failure to pay on time the required mordida.

  • richardgrabman

    Uh, there are too many of these “irregular” buildings now. Yeah, we have building codes for a reason. Never mind water, sewerage, electricity over-use. Think earthquakes,