Civil Protection Secretary Baizabal: no more milk. Civil Protection Secretary Baizabal: no more milk.

Civil Protection, mayor cry over spoiled milk

Further aid for Minatitlán will not be delivered through the mayor

There will be no more free milk for the mayor of Minatitlán, Veracruz.

The municipality is having a row with the state government over allegedly spoiled milk, and the issue could well end up in court.

The state’s Civil Protection Secretariat (SCP) sent 1,500 food packages to Minatitlán last month for victims of recent cold fronts.

The packages were to be distributed by the municipality on February 1, but instead were kept in storage by local officials. Soon after, Mayor Nicolás Reyes Álvarez explained that the packages contained cartons of milk that were beyond their best-before date.

The state government challenged the mayor’s claim and demanded a retraction. When that didn’t happen, the government issued a statement to refute the mayor’s accusations.

“All food packages were checked before their delivery to be sure of the good quality of the products in them. None of them contained milk or expired products,” it said.

When Civil Protection officials publicly checked several of the food packages and their contents they found nothing amiss.

Civil Protection Secretary Yolanda Baizabal said legal proceedings will be taken against the mayor, whose actions she described as “a circus.”

She said a notary public had inspected all the goods delivered to Minatitlán and certified that none had reached its expiry date.

Baizabal also said that her department would no longer deliver any kind of aid through the mayor, but directly to the people that need it.

Similar reports surfaced in the municipality of Zongolica last week when the local DIF family services agency suspended the distribution of milk provided by the state.

The milk was to be handed out at local public schools, but its delivery was suspended because “it tasted sour.”

The state government has not commented.

Source: Milenio (sp), (sp)


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