Clowns protest in Hermosillo Clowns protest in Hermosillo. el imparcial

Clown beaten after making a child cry

One of the aggressors was a municipal cop, who was fired yesterday

A clown is in hospital and a cop has been fired after a drunken brawl at a children’s party in Sonora on Sunday afternoon.

About 30 children were left in tears after Marco Antonio Vázquez, known as Tony Tambor, and his two assistants were allegedly beaten by a municipal police officer and two others during the party in Hermosillo.

Reports this morning said the clown may lose his eyesight.

Tempers became frayed when a five-year-old child failed to win a prize in a contest and was taken home in tears by his mother.

Just as the cake was being served, at least three men believed to be family members of the unhappy child began insulting Vázquez and then physically assaulted him and his assistants as tearful children looked on.

Police Chief Ramsés Arce Fierro said yesterday that 46-year-old Héctor Manuel Rivera Ojeda has been dismissed from the police force for inappropriate behavior.

He was one of three apprehended when police arrived at the party.

Yesterday, dozens of clowns protested the aggression outside municipal headquarters. Three were arrested by police.

Source: El Universal (sp), El Imparcial (sp)

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