lagrimita, guillermo cienfuegos Lagrimita: rights were violated.

Clown gets on ballot for Guadalajara mayor

New ballots will have to be printed at a cost of 2.5 million pesos

Putting a clown on the ballot for mayor of Guadalajara is going to cost taxpayers two and a half million pesos, or US $161,000.

The federal electoral court ruled that Guillermo Cienfuegos, also known as Lagrimita, had his electoral rights violated when his nomination as an independent candidate was rejected. Officials found issues with his nomination papers but neglected to advise the prospective candidate and give him 48 hours to correct the errors.

The decision will mean that 1.27 million ballots will have to be thrown out and reprinted to include the candidate’s name at a cost of 1.67 pesos each.

The Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC) ruled early last month that there were inconsistencies among the nearly 28,000 signatures that Cienfuegos had obtained to qualify for nomination. Only 22,899 were valid, leaving him short by 1,000 to meet the needed 23,887, or two per cent of the electorate.

The ruling gave Cienfuegos barely two days to campaign, as yesterday was the last day of campaigning for next Sunday’s elections. The week-long break before voting is designed to give citizens a chance to reflect on which clown — or candidate — to vote for.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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