Teachers' union leader López. Teachers' union leader López.

CNTE teachers detain education officials

Four people were locked up in a school, their hands and feet bound

The dissident CNTE teachers’ union, determined to force the repeal of the 2013 education reforms, yesterday sabotaged performance evaluations, detaining education officials and tying them up in the process.


Members of the union’s Oaxaca local Section 22 disrupted the method by which 3,700 education professionals were to be notified of upcoming evaluation dates and locations.

The process consisted of the physical and online delivery of an application form but on Tuesday hackers got into the federal and state education websites, rendering the service unusable.

To take care of the printed forms, the teachers’ union deployed members to the state’s eight geographical regions to prevent their delivery.

A statement issued by the leadership of the union warned its general secretaries and delegation coordinators “to be alert for the arrival of officials sent by IEEPO [the state education agency] . . . .” and not allow anyone, “for whatever reason,” to enter the schools.

Any outsiders in the schools should be asked their intention for being there, the union instructed. If their purpose was to deliver official documents, their presence should be “emphatically rejected.”

In the municipality of Ixtepec in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec the rejection was definitely emphatic. Four such officials, assigned to deliver the notifications being sought, were detained and locked up inside a school with their hands and feet bound.

In Tuxtepec, the state’s second largest city, a group of teachers broke into the local IEEPO office, removed 341 exam notifications and burned them on the sidewalk outside.

Section 22 leader Eloy López Hernández accused the state of conducting the evaluations unilaterally, without the union local’s permission.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • ss

    The ‘teachers ‘ are thugs and criminals.They should be arrested for burning cars ,busses and kidnapping. Protesting having to prove they are qualified? They are ALWAYS protesting. Most got their jobs passed down from a family member or bought it. The government has NO balls!

  • delmaracer

    Hey SS. You stole my line about the union being thugs and criminals, lol.
    Good post.

  • delmaracer

    The CNTE leaders don’t give 1 damn peso about educating the kids.

  • Patrick Johnston

    Just another two Cartels in a battle with each other! I have been lucky to see well trained teachers doing their job and children learning which is the way it should be but it won’t happen in this area until the Mexican Government develops some balls.