San Rodrigo river in Coahuila. San Rodrigo river in Coahuila.

Coahuila announces river recovery project

Extraction of rock has destroyed part of San Rodrigo river, says environmental group

Federal and state governments will undertake an environmental restoration project in Coahuila that is designed to rescue a river and the wildlife that depend on it.


An environmental organization says a 15-kilometer stretch of the San Rodrigo river in the municipality of Piedras Negras has been destroyed through the extraction of rock.

The damage, says Amigos del Río San Rodrigo (Friends of the San Rodrigo river), dates back to the 1930s.

Back then rocks were extracted by hand from the riverbed, but by the 1980s the extraction process utilized heavy machinery, and vast wooded areas had to be cut down to allow access.

Environment Secretary Eglantina Canales Gutiérrez explained that the state will declare declare the river’s watershed as an ecological restoration zone to protect the river and the surrounding area, and repair the damage to it.

The announcement was welcomed by the environmental group.

The San Rodrigo is a tributary of the Rio Grande.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • River recovery projects are good. Not polluting them to begin with is better, but such it is with capitalism. Waste is externalized via water and air pollution to allow for profiteering without consequences. Then after the damage is done, the taxes paid by working people cleans up the mess. As such, this clean up project represents an ex-post facto subsidy by wealthy elites.