Cevallos: wanted for cocaine trafficking. Cevallos: wanted in US.

Cocaine trafficker arrested in Cancún

Narco allegedly recruited airline pilots, flight attendants to move the drugs

A man who allegedly ran cocaine shipments through the Cancún airport to the United States and Europe was arrested by federal forces this week.

Ignacio Cevallos Reynosa is wanted in the United States for importing and trafficking cocaine, charges that were filed in 2010.

Undercover agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made at least two drug deals with Cevallos over the course of two years, making video and audio recordings of their meetings, according to information filed by the U.S. in an extradition request.

In one deal, 50 kilograms of cocaine were shipped from Cancún to the Miami international airport where they were received by DEA agents.

Cevallos is alleged to have shipped drugs from Panama as well. Authorities say he worked with pilots, copilots and flight attendants on commercial airlines to move large quantities of drugs which were hidden in their baggage.

Three associates of Cevallos, who have already been arrested, were also part of the 2011 extradition request.

One is a former Federal Police officer and another headed the Foreign Affairs Secretariat’s Passport Office in the Cuajimalpa borough of Mexico City.

Source: El Día (sp), El Universal (sp)

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