Animal rights activists called for a veto last month. Animal rights activists called for a veto at a press conference last month.

Cockfight legislation vetoed by governor

Law will be sent back to Veracruz Congress for review

The governor of Veracruz has vetoed legislation that legalized cockfights and the running of bulls, arguing that it was a step backwards in the protection of animals.

The state Congress on July 25 reversed a ban imposed by the previous Congress last fall that put a stop to the fights, bull running and bullfights.

Not everyone had been in favor, including new state deputies who took office in November.

But Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, who described the practices as violence against animals, told a press conference today he would veto the law.

“. . . if violence is manifested daily in pastimes and in traditions, that violence in one way or another will permeate the social conscience and become a reasonable practice.”

Yunes said he had considered “thousands and thousands of communications” on the issue and encountered supporters and detractors of the new legislation, but decided to send it back to Congress for further review.

It was a step backwards for animal rights, he said.

He asked legislators to conduct an analysis taking into account his own observations on the law, international laws on the subject and the local opposition to it but conceded that if deputies decide to approve it as is he would be obliged to give it final approval.

Source: e-consulta (sp), Milenio (sp)

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