One of the trucks that rolled over in high winds in the Isthmus. One of the trucks that rolled over in high winds in the Isthmus.

Cold front delivers hurricane-force gusts

Semis left on their sides in Oaxaca after wind gusts of up to 176 km/h

The effects of cold front No. 14 have been felt throughout Mexico, delivering snow in some regions, cold temperatures in much of the country and hurricane-force winds in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca.

Gusts of wind comparable to those of a category 2 hurricane knocked over five semi-trailers on the La Venta-La Ventosa highway on the weekend.

The gusts reached speeds of up to 176 kilometers per hour, according to Civil Protection officials, who were kept busy urging truckers to avoid using the 17-kilometer stretch of highway while the windy weather continued.

At least 30 trucks heeded the warning yesterday and remained parked to wait out the storm, some for as long as 36 hours.

Those that did venture out and were left lying on their side sustained material damages only. In one case a cargo of cars and motorcycles were left at the roadside when the trailer broke up.

In nearby Juchitán, the wind caused the complete collapse of the roofing and bleachers of a sports facility located just 20 meters from a camp that has served as a temporary hospital since the September earthquakes.

Although the hospital was not damaged the local Civil Protection office ordered the evacuation of all patients and some medical staff to other facilities.

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