Inside the church of San Juan Bosco. Inside the church of San Juan Bosco.

Concert to kick off fundraising for Ciudad Madero church repairs

The humidity of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, coupled with years in which no maintenance was performed, have severely affected the ceilings, walls and cupolas of the church of San Juan Bosco. But a rescue operation is under way.

The repairs are to begin soon as parishioners and Father Bernardo Horacio Arredondo Segura have organized a fundraising drive that will start next month with an opera concert.

The church was erected in 1948, and was last treated to restoration work 15 years ago.

Today there is not only damage to the masonry but to paintings, altarpieces, stained glass and wood carvings inside the church.

“We have to rehabilitate, waterproof, rebuild and renovate several areas where we’ve already seen damage due to drop ceilings falling down and paint crumbling from walls,” said Arredondo.

Church of San Juan Bosco in Ciudad Madero.
Church of San Juan Bosco in Ciudad Madero.

The first stage of repairs has been estimated to cost 300,000 pesos (US $15,000), 200,000 of which will be needed to pay the workers while the remainder will purchase materials.

The damage to the works of art within the church has yet to be estimated.

“We have to clean the ceilings, repair cracks [on the walls] . . . I’m concerned also about the deterioration of frescoes and frames, but fortunately the cedar has not yet been damaged,” said the priest.

To kick off the fundraising Tamaulipas opera singer Víctor Hugo Hernández Galván, accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Tampico Metropolitan Culture Center, will give a concert in the church on June 8.

The church has served in the past as a location for concerts of the Tamaulipas International Festival due to its good acoustics.

Source: El Sol de Tampico (sp)

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