Police load up on stolen goods. Police load up on stolen goods.

Cops help themselves after looters flee

Video shows four police taking looted merchandise in Ecatepec

Anti-gas price protests that began Sunday have been described as broad-based affairs, drawing from a wide spectrum of the public. The same might be said of looters.


Four State of México police have been relieved of their duties after they were seen stealing merchandise belonging to a store had previously been targeted by looters.

After thieves made off with goods stolen from the Bodega Aurrera in Altavilla, Ecatepec, municipal and state police converged on the scene to provide security.

But an observer taped video footage of some of the officers loading their patrol vehicles with loot that thieves had left in the street after fleeing police.

The four were placed in the custody of the public prosecutor, while a police disciplinary procedure is also under way.

They are among 430 people who have been detained since yesterday morning for looting during gas price protests in the State of México.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    “Serve and protect tyranny while helping ourselves to your stuff.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Miguel

    just to show how they really serve!! I could see them in court crying…(“I was just holding on to it until things calm down”)…and later they walk free and back to serving the people.. Lol..

  • Pesobill

    Yep , it happened after the hurricane Odile in Cabo San Lucas , cops stealing TV’s and electronics and anything they could .. So pathetic , glad I am out from that crap ,third world turd country..

  • Steve

    Its unfortunate how this sort of corruption (dishonesty) is ingrained in the Mexican psyche both in Mexico and here amongst many of the illegals who broke US immigration laws and bring this sort of behavior to the US.