corruptour A different perspective on Monterrey.

Corruptour is ‘better than museum’

Monterrey's new tourist attraction highlights corruption, crime and political shenanigans

Corruption, it is widely acknowledged, is a serious problem throughout Mexico. But in Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León, it’s a tourist attraction.

Late last month, a citizens’ group launched Corruptour, an hour-long guided bus tour of the city — and the 11 locations where examples of corruption have been identified.

It begins with the palace of the state government, moves on to the state Congress, the Municipal Palace, Parque Fundidora, Infonavit and several other locations, offering visitors and local residents a different perspective on the city.

It highlights crime, corruption and political shenanigans, reported the Toronto Star yesterday. One of the featured attractions is the Administrative Tower, but dubbed VIP Tower for being built over budget and opening late. Passengers are told how 312,000 licence plates disappeared from the department of motor vehicles at a time when vehicle thefts were on the rise.

Passengers have given the tour rave reviews. “We went to the museum, but this was much more interesting,” said a local hotel employee.

Sponsor of the tour, which is offered free of charge, is a local organization called Vía Ciudadana, one of whose main objectives is that independent candidates be allowed to run in state elections to improve the democratic process.

If the calendar on the tour’s website is any indication, Corruptour is popular: all tours, which run Friday through Sunday, are booked until October 24.

Mexico is ranked 106th out of 177 countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

Sources: Milenio (sp), Toronto Star (en)

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