The jumpsuit sold on Amazon. The jumpsuit sold on Amazon.

Costume on Amazon ‘racist, anti-Latino’

Jumpsuit bears the inscription 'Mexico will pay!'

A costume bearing the inscription “Mexico will pay!” has been described as racist by the man who helped develop the “Make Mexico America Again!” baseball hats.


And Jerónimo Saldaña wants Amazon to stop selling it.

The black and white jumpsuit designed to look like a brick wall has been sold on Amazon since last July, and according to some comments on the Amazon website was a popular Halloween outfit.

But Saldaña sees white supremacy behind the costume, which he calls anti-Latino.

“I had seen the racist costume during the presidential campaign during news coverage of Trump rallies and always found it offensive,” he told The Huffington Post. “Since Trump’s election, I have read articles reporting instances of high school students chanting ‘build that wall’ and ‘Trump’ at students of color and immediately connected those incidents with the normalization of white supremacy, which I believe this costume represents.”

Saldaña’s petition, posted online, is titled “Amazon, drop the hate — ban your anti-Latinx costumes.” (Latinx is a term used to describe people of Latin descent without specifying their gender, replacing Latino and Latina.)


The petition, which had garnered 216 of a target 300 signatures as of today, says the costume promotes the “despicable xenophobia” of U.S. President Donald Trump “and is nothing more than a modernized version of a Ku Klux Klan robe. We demand Amazon immediately remove it and all other racist merchandise from its site.”

It accuses Amazon of helping to “further white supremacy.”

Saldaña told the Post the petition is a simple act of resistance “meant to push back against the normalization of hate.”

Some commenters at Amazon saw the jumpsuit as racist; others disagreed. One saw it as good for people with a sense of humor. “For those that don’t like it, stop taking yourselves so seriously,” wrote another.

Saldaña has promoted the “Make America Mexico Again” ball cap designed by New York artist Anna Gold. Its satirical messsage suggests the international boundary be redrawn to give back to Mexico much of what is now the U.S.

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  • Güerito

    Copito de nieve.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Just to clarify his statement – this is not considered racism.
    Being Mexican, Canadian or Russian is not your race. It is your nationality, not your race.

    • Asher Kipton

      Just to clarify his statement, this IS considered racism. The accepted contemporary definition of racism is prejudice on the grounds of color, race, nationality or ethnic or national origin.

      • The accepted contemporary definition then is just plain silly. And wrong.

        • SickofLiberalbs9999

          correct, this is just American liberal politically-correct double-speak

          • It’s amazing, however, the number of people who think it is, including lots of Latin American Latinos. Consider “La Raza,” for instance. I’ve been beating this drum for years. Latinos come in all flavors. Spain is full of white Latinos, plus you’ll find black Latinos all over the Caribbean. Latino/Hispanic is a category of people defined by culture, language and religion. It has squat to do with race.

          • SickofLiberalbs9999

            they want it to be true so they can be VICTIMS of racism
            for modern liberals, it’s so cool to be a “victim”

            now it’s spreading to other countries

        • csb4546

          “accepted contemporary definition of racism” only exits in the minds of liberal activists

      • SickofLiberalbs9999

        not, it’s not
        “contemporary definition” means modern liberal politically-correct crap
        liberals don’t get to change the meaning of words to fit their polticial agenda
        nice try

      • SickofLiberalbs9999

        you’re wrong – plus, you forgot the latest liberal “racist” creation: sexual orientation
        In today’s liberal America, if you oppose gay marriage, you’re “racist against gays”

      • Walt Jeffers

        Mexican is not a race. To call anything perceived to be anti-Mexican, “racism” is anti science and irrational.

      • Cool Hand Luke

        That could be called a “snowflake” definition.
        Maybe the color of their eyes and underwear should be included.

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      you must understand modern American liberalism
      they have to change the meaning of words to support their liberal poltical agenda

      RACIST is one of their favorites – they now use it for EVERYTHING
      “you don’t like hamburgers? you’re racist against cows”
      “you don’t support gay marriage? you’re racist against lesbians”
      ” you don’t like the color red? but you like blue? that’s so racist”

      seems insane, doesn’t it?
      that’s because liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Paul Beith

    The suits are offensive but Mexico needs to focus on addressing the cartels.

    • TioDon

      Really, Paul, THIS is what Mexico sees as a problem?

  • K. Chris C.

    Oh how I hate that Khazarian Critical Theory word they use to sow societal division and chaos, and engender self-loathing. Essentially the use of the word “racism” is just one hating another by accusing that someone of hating them, while at the same time devaluing themselves. Sad.

    “Stick and stones, but ‘racist’ will never hurt me.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • TioDon

    “We demand Amazon remove it and all other racist merchandise from its website”. You demand???? No one cares what you think or demand. You are inconsequential. Now get me a sandwich….

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      “And, of course, WE will decide what’s racist and what’s not”

      • TioDon

        Well, we certainly can’t leave it up to the crazy conservatives…hahahaha…..

        • SickofLiberalbs9999

          well, who then?

  • miabeach

    Enforcing the laws of the United States is not racist it’s smart. There’s nothing racist about deporting illegal aliens, building a wall of charging the trouble makers who caused the problem. Notice we are not charging Canada, Canada is a good neighbor unlike sneaky Mexico.

  • The fact that this nincompoop uses the word “Latinx” tells you all you need to know. Let’s leave the PC to the Gringos.

  • Santa

    Why not focus you activism on your corrupt murderous government ? Instead of a online retailer selling consumer goods.

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      great question

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Unfortunately, Sr. Saldana slept through civics class.
    Some people are SO ignorant.

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Uh, Senior Saldana – “white supremacy”?????????

  • Pesobill

    Funny that the idiotic Mexicans can burn and strike Trump images and pinatas and they think this is recist . Stupid indians … Mind your own ghetto..

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    Why did they use a WHITE model for the Amazon jumpsuit ad?
    That’s so racist.

  • 101st

    I think Saldana is the only racist, hateful, xenophobic fool in the room.

  • 101st

    Does Jerónimo Saldaña realize that the baseball cap is of US origin and only by our good grace, do we allow Latinos to wear it?

  • 101st

    Does Saldana also see the “white supremacy” when he watches Mexico City’s major TV news stations?

  • lang_eddy

    please….do not put Canada in the same light as the U.S>A/////we do not condone the American bullshit….we in Canada love Mexico….and refuse to go to the U.S.A. at all……Viva Mexico.