Church speaks out over rising violence. Church speaks out over rising violence. desde la fe

‘Country is bleeding:’ church urges dialogue

Editorial supports peace agreements with organized crime

The Catholic Church in Mexico has expressed its support for dialogue with criminal gangs in the face of impotence on the part of authorities.


In yesterday’s issue of the church’s weekly publication Desde La Fe, the Archdiocese of Mexico endorsed the efforts of a bishop in Guerrero to engage in communication with gang members.

In an editorial titled “El país se desangra,” or “The country is bleeding,” the church notes the positive results obtained by the bishop of the diocese of Chilpancingo-Chilapa, Salvador Rangel Mendoza, who has declared that narcos in Guerrero are not like those found in northern states.

“I just call them farmers,” he said in March.

The archdiocese believes the church should promote peace agreements with criminal elements because the authorities have proven themselves incapable of guaranteeing security for the public.

The article recalled that in recent weeks violence has given no respite, leading to bloodshed in different regions of the country.


In the absence of authorities’ ability to control crime, “it is necessary that actors of moral repute come forward and obtain agreement on, for the least, some terms for peace and security . . . .”

Desde la Fe praised a meeting on May 28 that Rangel held with gangsters to reach “an agreement regarding what authorities no longer guarantee: public safety.”

Those meetings, the editorial declared, have annoyed the authorities, “who have brandished a triumphalist discourse, claiming everything is going well, that there are no problems or difficulties, when deep down what they are after is to conceal the truth.”

It said the clergy cannot escape the current “horror,” which is something that “wasn’t even seen during the communist era or in religious persecutions.”

The church said many priests are victims of extortion by criminals, through which they are allowed to continue celebrating the Catholic rites.

“Many priests in remote towns are easy targets and live under the great pressure of organized crime, which impedes them from performing their evangelist mission and forbids them from even mentioning the term ‘drug trafficking’ or questioning the immoral acts [of those involved in that activity]; doing otherwise would cost them their lives.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Pesobill

    Interestingly most of the countries with the most crime and violence are Catholic countries . Guess the real impotence is the phony faith of the RCC on it’s adherents . Their veneer of so called Christianity has worn off..

    • Cool Hand Luke

      To be clear Roman Catholicism is not Christianity.
      There are vast differences among some similarities but they are completely different faiths.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Jesus Christ! the church is worried about losing funding. If is wasn’t for criminal donations, the church in Mexico would not exits or exist without monies.

  • fgm333

    The Catholic Church is demonstrating the only viable alternative: talk to these people recognize their power and you will have success and PEACE!

  • K. Chris C.

    The “scarlet coloured beast” has spoken. Not, as can be expected, of the tyranny’s crimes and violence behind the bloodshed, but of the need for people to unite under the beast’s banner.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • kallen

    The Catholic church is more irrelevant now than ever.

    Its not OK for a woman to control her own body or plan her reproductive future but it is OK if we collude with murderers, thugs and narcos. All this brought to you by the organization that has terrorized and set-back both the old and new worlds for hundreds of years. The sooner Catholicism disappears from the face of the earth the better.