A crocodile on a Cancún golf course. A crocodile on a Cancún golf course: potentially a serious hazard.

Crocodile puts an end to cool dip in the pool

Cozumel beach club employee injured during a swim after dark

A cool dip in the pool turned into a big surprise Sunday night for the employee of a beach club in Cozumel, Quintana Roo. He found he was sharing the pool with a crocodile.

It was dark when the man entered the water so he was unable to see the reptile, which quickly grabbed him and began beating him against the water, according to a report by the newspaper Noticaribe.

The man escaped the croc’s jaws with the help of companions who threw rocks and sticks at it, but not before it had bitten its victim in at least five places, removing two of his fingers.

While the 23-year-old was rushed to a hospital local firefighters turned up to remove the crocodile from the pool.

The newspaper reported that crocodiles are becoming more common in urban areas due to loss of habitat.

A few days before the pool incident tourists on the beach near the Westin Hotel were shocked when a crocodile passed them just a meter away. Firefighters took the reptile away for relocation elsewhere.

And in Cancún two weeks ago a young man was attacked by a crocodile while urinating in a lagoon.

Source: Noticaribe (sp), Unión Cancún (sp)

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