A crocodile is tied up in preparation for relocating in the Encrucijada reserve in 2015. A crocodile is tied up in preparation for relocating in the Encrucijada reserve in 2015.

Crocodile sought after young man killed

The 18-year-old was fishing in the Encrucijada biosphere reserve in Chiapas

The crocodile that attacked and killed an 18-year-old youngster in Chiapas on Sunday will be tracked down and moved to a wildlife management unit, say federal officials.

The young man was fishing with three others in the Encrucijada biosphere reserve in the municipality of Acapetahua when the crocodile attacked.

The victim’s companions escaped unharmed and alerted authorities.

Although reports said the youths were within a fishing area managed by a cooperative, authorities warned that such attacks usually took place when fishermen entered areas in which fishing was not authorized.

The Natural Protected Areas Commission (Conanp) warned in a statement that some places are closed to fishing due to the presence of crocodiles, and urged citizens to inform themselves about such areas.

Sunday’s death has triggered the implementation of a strategy to prevent further attacks. Among them is the creation of a map showing areas of risk, the posting of warning signs, monitoring crocodiles and reporting their presence when they approach populated areas.

The issue was discussed Monday by representatives of Conanp, the federal environmental protection agency and federal and state Environment Secretariats.

The search began Tuesday for crocodiles measuring more than three meters in length so they could be captured and their stomachs analyzed for human remains. When the offending crocodile is identified it will be removed from the area and transferred to an UMA, or wildlife management unit.

Source: Milenio (sp), Notimex (sp)

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