These drivers in Cuernavaca are Mexico's most satisfied. These drivers in Cuernavaca are Mexico's most satisfied.

Cuernavaca tops list of best cities for drivers

Driver satisfaction index puts the Morelos capital as No. 101 worldwide

Which is the best city in Mexico for drivers? Cuernavaca, according to the results of the second annual mobility study presented by Waze GPS navigation software.

The Waze Driver Satisfaction Index analyzes the driving experience of millions of monthly active Waze users in 38 countries and 235 metropolitan areas to create a single numeric score, from a satisfying 10 points ranking to a miserable one.

To determine which are the best and worst cities for motorists, the index takes into consideration factors such as traffic density and severity, road safety, road quality and infrastructure, driver services such as access to gas stations and parking, fuel prices, and a parameter known as Wazeyness based on feedback from its users.

With 5.75 points and ranked at 101 globally, Cuernavaca was the highest ranking Mexican city on the index, which is based on 2016 data. The safety of its roads earned the city its highest score, 8.45.

With a worldwide ranking of 109 and 5.53 points, Querétaro placed second. It earned earned 7.20 points in the security measurements and 7.75 in the quality of its road infrastructure.

Toluca ranked 115 with 5.45 points, Monterrey was No. 118 with 5.37 points and Guadalajara placed 132nd with 4.93.

Mexico’s worst ranked city was Puebla, coming in at 153rd place worldwide and scoring 4.33 points. It obtained 3.90 points in traffic density, 6.28 in safety and a measly 1.53 in the availability of service stations.

Many consider driving in the country’s capital as the worst of nightmares, but Mexico City’s results were interesting.

Ranked 135 on the global stage, it obtained 4.81 points on the Waze index, although its marks in safety and availability of drivers services — 9.38 and 9.23, respectively — were among the highest overall. On the other hand, for traffic density the metropolis obtained an abysmal 1.21 points.

The world’s most satisfied drivers were in five cities in France: Valence, Tours, Lemans and Saint-Étienne were the top four, and another French city, Avignon, tied with Greensboro, North Carolina, for fifth place.

At the bottom of the list, going from best to worst, were Bandung and Denpasa, Indonesia; San Salvador, El Salvador; Bogor, Indonesia; and Cebu, Philippines. The latter scored 1.15.

The rankings include metropolitan areas with more than 20,000 active monthly Waze users.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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