Visitors at the grave of Carlitos, a legend in Sonora. Visitors at the grave of Carlitos, a legend in Sonora.

Day of Dead visitors flock to Carlitos’ grave

Boy who died nearly 80 years ago is believed to have worked miracles

Many of the thousands of people who visited a Sonora cemetery yesterday for the Day of the Dead went for one particular reason: to pay their respects at the grave of a local legend who died almost 78 years ago.

Among those buried at the San Agustín cemetery in Hermosillo is Carlitos, a 10-year-old who is believed by some to have worked miracles.

Carlos Angulo Flores was born on October 3, 1929, and died on January 1st, 1940. That’s as far as the official story goes, but a short epitaph on his grave might have been the spark that ignited a legend that has fascinated many.

“† por † Carlitos. Plead and the spirit of this boy will help you,” reads the inscription on the boy’s gravestone, located near the entrance of the cemetery, known to locals as Panteón Yáñez.

Legend has it that on the he died, Carlitos was trying on a new pair of roller skates near the municipal market where his parents worked when he was struck by a fruit delivery truck.

A slightly different version has it that as Carlitos was skating on the streets around the market, he fell and fatally injured his head.

A third version claims that the boy was killed when a hand grenade was thrown inside a boarding school for children from poor families.

Whatever the cause of his death, Carlitos slowly became a legend, and his tomb is now an obligatory stop for the sick, especially children.

Visitors to his grave leave notes making requests regarding their own health or that of loved ones, or thanking Carlitos for healing their sick.

The notes are accompanied by small gifts such as toys, candy, clothes and coins.

One of the miracles attributed to Carlitos includes healing a five-year-old girl whose condition had left her in a wheelchair. She is now able to walk thanks, the legend goes, to Carlitos.

Cemetery workers say most people visit Carlitos’ final resting place on November 1 when, according to one belief, the souls of dead children return to the Earth to visit with family and loved ones.

Thousands visit Carlitos’ tomb every year, many just curious but many others seeking cures for ill health.

Source: El Imparcial (sp)

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