Markeset of Democrats Abroad. Markeset of Democrats Abroad.

Democrats initiate voting campaign

They estimate there are 1.5 million US citizens in Mexico

The midterm elections in the United States are still more than a year away but that hasn’t stopped Democratic Party supporters in Mexico from starting a campaign to get more U.S. citizens who live in the country to “get out and vote.”

The Democrats Abroad chapter in Mexico City decided to time the launch of its campaign to coincide with today’s Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations with the hope that by increasing voter turnout the Republican Party’s majorities in both chambers of Congress can be overturned.

“We hope to reverse the legislative majority. We hope that [President Donald] Trump’s popularity, that is now at 30%, impacts on getting people out to vote. That was part of the problem in the last election. A lot of independent voters that tended to favor Hilary Clinton of the Democrats didn’t think that Trump would win and didn’t participate and we lost important states,” said chapter president Erik Markeset.

The campaign will also run on social media with the aim of reaching almost 1.5 million U.S. citizens who are estimated to call Mexico home, many of whom have dual citizenship.

Markeset added that since Donald Trump became president, the interest of the community to participate, vote and make their vision count had increased.

“Last year we started with 100 people and today we have 6,000 and that’s just in the metropolitan area. We want to reach many more so that they participate and receive information about how to register to vote.”

Organization members have also written to members of the U.S Congress to urge them not to discard the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is due to be discussed and probably renegotiated next month.

Instead, they argued that greater bilateral cooperation and cultural integration between the two countries should be fostered.

Markeset cited putting a stop to illegal weapons sales, many of which enter Mexico, as another issue that is important to both countries.

While the organization’s anti-Trump stance is clear, Markeset conceded that they were grateful to him for reenergizing the Democratic Party and “because he has given everyone a civics lesson” about how the executive, legislative and judicial powers are divided.

The “get out and vote” campaign will continue to run right up until the elections are held and the Mexico City chapter president says that its goal is to keep U.S. citizens in Mexico interested, active and ready to vote.

“It’s a matter of raising citizens’ awareness [and] to remind them that they can participate because the only way we can reverse or stop some of the policies that Donald Trump’s administration is proposing is by expressing ourselves politically.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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