Markeset of Democrats Abroad. Markeset of Democrats Abroad.

Democrats initiate voting campaign

They estimate there are 1.5 million US citizens in Mexico

The midterm elections in the United States are still more than a year away but that hasn’t stopped Democratic Party supporters in Mexico from starting a campaign to get more U.S. citizens who live in the country to “get out and vote.”


The Democrats Abroad chapter in Mexico City decided to time the launch of its campaign to coincide with today’s Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations with the hope that by increasing voter turnout the Republican Party’s majorities in both chambers of Congress can be overturned.

“We hope to reverse the legislative majority. We hope that [President Donald] Trump’s popularity, that is now at 30%, impacts on getting people out to vote. That was part of the problem in the last election. A lot of independent voters that tended to favor Hilary Clinton of the Democrats didn’t think that Trump would win and didn’t participate and we lost important states,” said chapter president Erik Markeset.

The campaign will also run on social media with the aim of reaching almost 1.5 million U.S. citizens who are estimated to call Mexico home, many of whom have dual citizenship.

Markeset added that since Donald Trump became president, the interest of the community to participate, vote and make their vision count had increased.

“Last year we started with 100 people and today we have 6,000 and that’s just in the metropolitan area. We want to reach many more so that they participate and receive information about how to register to vote.”

Organization members have also written to members of the U.S Congress to urge them not to discard the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is due to be discussed and probably renegotiated next month.


Instead, they argued that greater bilateral cooperation and cultural integration between the two countries should be fostered.

Markeset cited putting a stop to illegal weapons sales, many of which enter Mexico, as another issue that is important to both countries.

While the organization’s anti-Trump stance is clear, Markeset conceded that they were grateful to him for reenergizing the Democratic Party and “because he has given everyone a civics lesson” about how the executive, legislative and judicial powers are divided.

The “get out and vote” campaign will continue to run right up until the elections are held and the Mexico City chapter president says that its goal is to keep U.S. citizens in Mexico interested, active and ready to vote.

“It’s a matter of raising citizens’ awareness [and] to remind them that they can participate because the only way we can reverse or stop some of the policies that Donald Trump’s administration is proposing is by expressing ourselves politically.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Sorest losers in the history of America. :>)

    BTW did you losers see that under Trump U.S. manufacturing hit a 6 year high in hiring?

    Make America Great Again. Undo the ObamaDisaster.

    • Hear! Hear!

    • ben

      the stock market is @ an all time high. kates law was passed. he called out the media. the losers dont like that. we may get 30% of his promices & thats fine w/me. trump will be w/us for 8 years. if we got hillary, we would become another UE. the news channels & hollywood have unlimited material. the donald has become an industry unto itself. gives people someone to blame. while they talk tweets, he signs bills. facist anti semite card failed. racist bigot phobe didnt work. sex assault accussations failed. muh russia dissapeared. whats left? mentally unfit? lets see how far that one goes.

  • gypsyken
    • Patsy Lowe

      Thank you gypsyken for some enlightened thinking.

    • cooncats

      Anyone dumb enough to read the New York Slimes is hardly either thinking or enlightened. BTW dummy the Nazis (National SOCIALISTS) were from your camp so it comes as no surprise the left are the people trying to shut down free speech and attacking their fellow citizens on the streets while doing so. You suck!

      • Commander Barkfeather

        Nothing is more humorous than the censure of “fake news” by the same people who brought you black helicopters, FEMA camps, birtherism, and death panels. Nazis were neither socialists nor democrats.

      • gypsyken

        By claiming that National Socialism had anything to do with socialism you are merely displaying your profound ignorance.

      • ben

        its not your fathers democratic party as the saying goes. antifa is the face of the dem party. the average american doesnt care about 56 genders, hijabs, bathroom rights. the dems outprotested themselves, so has the mainstream press. they have become a parody of a parody: the regressive left. very entertaining. conservatism is the new counter culture. the new right are the new libertarians.

        • cooncats

          Exactly right. I was a Democrat for half my life, voted for Clinton the first time and thought that other than the fact he was a sex addict he was one of the better presidents. After Clinton it just seems the party went psycho. The other thing of course is the party has become the Party of the Rich while the Reps are the party of main street. Frankly, I think the country is going collectively nuts.

          • ben

            party’s change. the dems havnt been this mad since we took their slaves away! basically its a one party system now, except for several nationalists.

    • The NYT is not a reliable source for political stuff.

      • Commander Barkfeather

        You’re right! Much better to read Breitbart… that is if Mad magazine is unavailable.

        • Commander: I’ve given up on Breitbart. Fox too. They’ve become sadly unreliable. More trustworthy news sources now are The Daily Caller, Gateway Pundit, Daily Wire, Truth Revolt and Frontpage Mag. Straight-shooting from the right side.

          • M. Dexterity

            According to my MANY acquaintances here, both within and outside the government, tell me web boards, blogs and other social media are being monitored by not only the government but some other far more nefarious groups who are waiting to see which of Trump’s declared policies, i.e. the wall, massive deportations, trade war etc. will be implemented. Trump supporters within this country may find themselves in a delicate situation if the extreme policies Trump has proposed are carried out. The degree of “delicate” dictated by whether it is the government or the NGOs (sarcasm) that take action.

          • ben

            david horowitz, mike cernovich, daniel greenfield, robert spencer, katy hopkins. fox has judge jeannine tucker carlson hannity judge nap.

        • ben

          BREITBART was the only publication that predicted trumps win. the others said hillary had a 98% chance of winning. seriously? reconsider who was correct. yes i have said this several tmes on this thread but this ones for you loser. we won. face the music. andrew breitbart lives on.

  • jwd

    All the organizations that tell us how low Trump’ approval rating is, are the same Fake News groups that told us he would never get elected! Trump is making the USA great again and Mexico will benefit from his leadership as well. But, the haters don’t care, they only hate! The Democratic party has sold it’s soul to the devil and sees it’s future only in provoking and fueling hate! That is the reason our country has put Republicans in charge!

    • Well said.

    • ben

      the news outlets said hillary had a 98% of winning. breitbart had it right.

  • Two blatant errors leap out at me. 1. There are no 1.5 million Gringos calling Mexico home. The official Mexican estimate is about half that. 2. President Trump’s latest poll figures put his popularity at around 50 percent and climbing, not 30 percent as this nincompoop says.

    • Commander Barkfeather

      According to the Washington Post yesterday, President Trump’s approval is at roughly 30%. Calls for his impeachment are at 50%. And that’s MISTER nincompoop to you! BTW–NAFTA was endorsed by both President Bushes.

      • Commander: Washington Post poll! Good one! Let’s see what a Mother Jones poll will tell us too. Perhaps a poll from the DNC to boot.

        I forgot who ran the more balanced poll(s) I’m remembering. It was one of the major independent pollsters. Two or three weeks ago. Fact is that Trump’s numbers are improving daily, and I promise you that half the nation does not want him impeached. Quite the contrary.

        As for NAFTA, I did not say anything about NAFTA.

  • G.b. Adams

    …Always amazed at the number of my fellow gringos that move to Mexico, then spend half their time bitching, pissing, and moaning about politics back in the country they left! I moved here to get AWAY from that crap.
    Mexico has some pretty strict laws about foreignors getting involved in Mexican politics….. I hope they will expand those laws to include those same people from complaining about politics in their home countries. If you’re so damned concerned about it, MOVE BACK!… Go marching with your silly signs and pink pussy hats…break some windows. Set your hair on fire in the town square for all I care… Just spare the rest of us from your group thinking mental masturbation.

  • Sharon Hartwig

    Coon cats is right on. The Mexican people have to rely on the lying corrupt American media for most of their information. If the knew the truth it would be a different story.

  • SmartAlex

    Anyone who says Trump has a 50 percent approval rating is just as mistaken as anyone who says he has a 30 percent approval rating. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump is currently averaging a little under 40 percent approval, a decline from the 44 percent approval he started out with. You can look it up here…

    Bernie Sanders has, by far, the highest approval ratings of any federal politician in national polling. Bernie rates a 60 percent approval nationally. This includes a whopping 80 percent approval among Democrats. Some 15 percent of Trump voters said they would have preferred Bernie. An exit poll taken on election day showed that Bernie would have beaten Trump by 12 percentage points. Elizabeth Warren comes in second behind Bernie at 49 percent approval.

    “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” –Bob Dylan

  • ben

    meanwhile all MSM said hillary had a 98% chance of winning. what a fabulous meltdown they had november 8th & all day nov 9th. only breitbart daily caller had it right. so much for polls. sit on that. we got it right. we won. you dont need a weatherman………..