Deputies call out the controversial chant last week in Congress. Lawmakers call out the controversial chant last week in Congress.

Deputies criticized for chanting ‘Ehhh, puto’

Some PRI deputies used the traditional soccer chant during budget debate

A Mexican soccer chant seen as insulting and discriminatory by some and a harmless tradition by others was heard last week in Congress, drawing criticism from the federal anti-discrimination agency.

Four members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Chamber of Deputies — all women — called out “Ehhh, puto!” during budget debate last week after a Morena party member called PRI parliamentary leader César Camacho corrupt.

Puto means male prostitute and the chant is widely used by fans at soccer games to rattle players on the opposing team, usually when the opposing goalkeeper takes a goal kick. The practice continues despite national and international efforts to stop it.

Soccer’s governing body, FIFA, has fined Mexico a total of US $160,000 during the current qualifying rounds for the 2018 World Cup for what it calls “improper conduct among spectators.”

On Sunday, the National Council to Prevent Discrimination, Conapred, demanded lawmakers avoid “prejudice and negative stereotypes” such as the “Ehhh, puto” expression.

It described the deputies’ behavior as doubly serious for having been an expression uttered in Congress that reflected homophobia and machismo.

“The chant . . . is an expression of contempt, of rejection and is not a description or expression that is neutral; it is a negative description that stigmatizes because it homologates the homosexual condition with cowardice,” Conapred said in a prepared statement.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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