Post-Max flooding in Guerrero. Post-Max flooding in Guerrero.

Disaster funds sought for victims of Max

3,500 families believed affected in 25 Guerrero municipalities

Floodwaters are receding after Hurricane Max made landfall in Guerrero last week, leaving 25 municipalities awaiting disaster relief funds.


The category 1 hurricane did most of its damage in the Costa Chica region, but Montaña, Costa Grande and Acapulco were also affected. An estimated 3,500 families were affected in some way by the heavy rainfall and strong winds.

Homes, highways, farmlands and water and electrical service have all sustained damages.

Guerrero Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores has requested an emergency declaration for the municipalities for the release of disaster relief funds from Fonden.

Reconstruction might not start immediately as the full extent of the damages is still being assessed.

Floodwaters have yet to fully recede and economic activities were paralyzed in the aftermath of the hurricane, said Astudillo in a press conference.

The governor expressed relief that the public was kept aware of the risks of the hurricane, which allowed hundreds of families to be prepared before it made landfall.

“We’ve gone through the emergency, now we must work on the reconstruction while also making sure that the people have food and water. Actions are under way to help all those that were affected,” Astudillo said.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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