Reyes and his daughter Laura at their home in Chiapas. Reyes and his daughter Laura at their home in Chiapas.

Discovery of 2 bodies ends five-year search

Bodies of two brothers who disappeared in 2012 were in mass grave in Tetelcingo

After almost five years of searching, a Chiapas man will receive the bodies of his two sons today, after they disappeared in Puebla in 2012.


Ángel Reyes never gave up hope that he would find his boys alive but the handing over of their bodies by authorities in Morelos will finally bring closure to a living nightmare for him and his family.

The two brothers, Sansón and Mauricio, were identified by DNA testing after being exhumed from a mass grave in Tetelcingo, Morelos. The grave was the same one that was exhumed in March this year and contained dozens more unidentified bodies.

Sansón, 30 years old at the time of his disappearance had trained to be a nurse and was the father of three. Mauricio, 27 at the time, worked with his father on their farm and had a butcher´s shop as well as a business selling clothes.

The pair set out in July 2012 from their home town of Jijotol, Chiapas, bound for Puebla where they planned to buy clothes to later sell and to check out a pickup truck they would perhaps buy. On July 24, they called their father to let him know they had arrived.

A day later the Attorney General´s department of the state of Morelos found two bodies on a highway in San Marcos in the municipality of Jantetelco. They were the two brothers.

But the Reyes family was never informed and consequently began a five-year search that took in the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Puebla and Tlaxcala.


“I exhausted myself in these five years, just thinking, searching, spending,” Ángel Reyes said.

One month after the men’s disappearance, the Reyes family received a call asking for a ransom. They gathered as much money as they could and traveled to a Oaxaca hotel to await further instructions.

During the night, men broke into the room occupied by Reyes, stole 200,000 pesos and tied him up. He remembers feeling excited rather than afraid. “They’re here, they’re going to take the money and bring me my sons,” Reyes recalled thinking.

The thieves took the money and that was the end of it.

Laura Reyes López, sister of the two victims, has seen the Morelos Attorney General’s file relating to her brothers’ case. She was shocked to discover that their faces were perfectly recognizable in the photographs. However, the images were not shared with authorities elsewhere in the country nor were DNA tests carried out.

Almost two years after the bodies were discovered, they were interred in the Tetelcingo grave in March 2014.

The Reyes family is now in mourning, preparing to receive the bodies of the brothers. They will be buried tomorrow.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Thugs in cahoots with the local government robbed and killed the men, and the government, for some of the lucre, buried them–literally and figuratively.

    An American citizen, not US subject.