Governor Yunes announces a security operation in Xalapa. Governor Yunes announces a security operation in Xalapa.

Dismembered bodies trigger Army action

Gang-war violence escalates in capital of Veracruz

The dismembered bodies of nine men were among 16 people assassinated in Veracruz during the weekend in an escalation of violence in the capital city, Xalapa.


The bodies were found Saturday in a vehicle abandoned on a busy street along with at least three threatening messages directed at high-ranking state police officials.

Earlier in the day armed men parked a vehicle across the street from the state judicial headquarters, forced a handcuffed man to get out and killed him with multiple gunshots.

Six other homicides were reported in the municipalities of Acayucan, Coatzacoalcos and Tihuatlán, all linked to organized crime.

Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares told a press conference that the 10 victims in Xalapa belonged to a gang known as Los Tigrillos, or Los Tiliches. Identification had been made by tattoos on some of the men. Their murder was a result of infighting between crime gangs, the governor said.

“These were not good people,” he remarked.

Yunes announced that the Army would head up a joint security operation that was to begin yesterday with federal and state police in Xalapa and neighboring communities of Banderilla and San Andrés Tlalnelhuayocan.

Intelligence reports indicate that Veracruz is the stage for a turf war between the Jalisco New Generation, Zetas and Gulf cartels.

According to figures last updated with November 2017 data by the National Public Security System (SNSP), there were over 1,700 reports of violent crime in Veracruz last year, most of them linked to the activities of organized crime.

Source: El Universal (sp), e-veracruz (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Mexico, a civilized country!………not.

    • Ivan Martinez

      Most of the murders in Mexico are drug dealers killing drug dealers.They do gruesome acts against each other to intimidate and scare each other.Something they learned from americans that trained the Mexican army. Those men that were trained were hired by cartels to do the dirty work. The police don’t harass or kill innocent people and Mexico doesn’t have a problem with mass shootings Like our civilized U.S of A 👍

      • Gary Blake

        I can assure you the Americans did not teach these guys to kill and torture people! PERIOD! Once more put the extreme natural, cultural violence of Mexico on the US of A?
        The police don’t harass or kill people? WHERE have you been?, which of the 200 odd stories of the police kidnapping, torturing and disappearing people did you miss, how bout the 3 teenagers the police kidnapped and murdered the other day, IN MEXICO?
        No mass shootings in Mexico, excuse me, daily! How about this story for starters? How about 3,000 gun murders in one Mexican State alone in 2017? How about Mexico averages 20 gun homicides per 100,000 people vs the USA at 4.88 per 100,000 people (Actual gun homicides)
        How about Chicago at 28 gun homicides per 100,000 residents vs some Mexican Cities at 120 to 240 per 100k residents?
        Beam back to earth and reality!
        PS the supposed “Mass shootings” in the USA, are the lowest of all gun crime numbers, 70 odd % of the supposed “Gun Violence” in the US is suicides involving a gun.

        • Ivan Martinez

          Like I said those numbers are from drug dealers mostly killing themselves the article even states that the governor said they were bad men involved in cartels. Not random citizens you can throw all these numbers you googled from your home but I live here in Mexico I see and talk to police, people involved in cartels and random citizens and the only ones who have guns are the police and people involved in cartels. Cartels avoid killing innocent people because its bad business makes the military get involved not local police. As far as Americans coming to Mexico to teach Mexicans military tactics I can assure you they did. They are called zetas Google that and inform yourself. If you cant find anything I can tell you there whole story

        • Anthony Stein

          So now there are two shit hole countries? USA and Mexico!

      • WestCoastHwy

        Please read my post above you’ll love it!

    • Karen C.

      Countries can be civilized? Where? Cos between the mass shootings in USA, the terrorists attacks in Europe, starvation in South America and nuclear threats in North Korea and Russia, I see no civilization. Please watch your mouth before you make a comment because as much as I agree that Mexico is in a rough shape rn, I also know that others aren’t doing so great.

      • WestCoastHwy

        need to read my ultimate comment, “There you have it, the Mexican government = cartel = organized crime =
        impunity = civil war = illegal crime economy = a failed state. It’s
        amazing how it can exist but look who’s president in the good of USA. I
        guess it’s fair to say that we are at a low point in human civilization
        at one end and reaching for the stars on the other. Diversity is good!”

        • Ivan Martinez

          You act like there’s no corruption in the states lol it’s actually worse. They pretend to have your interest and stab you in the back and Americans fall for it. America is the golden cage sure it’s nice and made of gold but it’s still a cage no freedom and everyday it gets worse. Live somewhere else and you’ll see what freedom feels like

          • WestCoastHwy

            As with all things, there is a level of finality. Mexico is on the level of savagery. In the USA we follow law, in Mexico, Mexicans follow the Machete!