Officers wrestle Alondra, 14, into their vehicle. Officers wrestle Alondra, 14, into their vehicle.

DNA tests free girl taken with force

Officers dragged her out of school before she was spirited off to the U.S.

A 14-year-old girl who was dragged screaming from her Guanajuato school last week and shipped off to the United States is back home with her family. It was a case of mistaken identity.

Federal Police apprehended Alondra Luna on a judge’s orders after an American woman, Dorotea Garcia, claimed she was her daughter, who had been abducted by her biological father in 2007.

According to one report, the identity of the girl was to have been confirmed before she was sent to the U.S. Instead, Federal Police and Interpol agents dragged her from her school and bundled her into a police vehicle before she was taken by bus to the U.S. by Garcia.

A video of the apprehension was shot by an onlooker and has gone viral on the Internet. It shows Luna being dragged screaming from the school and yelling at a woman, believed to be Garcia, that she was not her daughter.

Garcia had traveled to Guanajuato shortly before, seen Luna and concluded she was her missing daughter. But it is not clear why DNA testing, which was subsequently carried out in Houston, was not done in Mexico, although the judge in the case said her only responsibility in resolving the case was with regard to recovering the girl.

“We don’t do investigations or make inquiries,” said the judge.

After she was taken from her school, Luna traveled to Houston with Garcia. But it wasn’t until concerns were raised by the video showing her arrest that a DNA test was ordered by the Mexican Consulate, which resolved the case.

Luna’s father said the mistaken identity probably resulted from the fact that his daughter and the missing girl have the same first name, and that he had met the latter’s father, who was his sister’s brother-in-law, in Houston 10 years ago.

Alondra Luna returned to her real family on a flight from Dallas yesterday.

Meanwhile, human rights officials have received a complaint concerning the case, and will investigate.

Sources: Milenio (sp), The Guardian (en), CNN (en)

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