Pilar Garrido and her son. Pilar Garrido and her son.

DNA tests identify missing woman

Remains found near kidnapping site are those of Spanish woman

Human remains found two weeks ago near the scene of an apparent kidnapping in Tamaulipas have been identified as those of a Spanish woman missing since July 2.


DNA tests of skeletal remains, hair and clothing located 200 meters from the Soto La Marina-Ciudad Victoria highway have confirmed that they belonged to Pilar Garrido, 34.

She and her family had been returning to Ciudad Victoria after a weekend at the beach when they were stopped by three armed men blocking the road, according to evidence given by her husband, Jorge Fernández.

But after initially demanding they hand over the vehicle, the gunmen instead abducted Garrido and departed in their own vehicle, leaving Fernández with the couple’s infant son.

The case is not officially regarded as a kidnapping because no ransom demand was made.

There have been several anomalies in the case, most notably Fernández’s later behavior. Among them: he did not report the abduction right away, and washed his vehicle before doing so.

Garrido is originally from Spain but had lived in Mexico for three years.

Her sister travelled to Mexico this week to be present while forensic examinations of the remains were taking place. But Raquel Garrido wants them examined by Spanish investigators as well and has asked for their repatriation to Spain.

Despite the suspicions that have surrounded her brother-in-law as details of the case have been revealed, Raquel Garrido remains convinced he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

“We trust him completely and he will continue to have our full support.”

Source: El País (sp), El Universal (sp)

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    And expats still moving to Mexico after reading this? They should try Spain: clean, developed, affordable and SAFE!

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