One of the victims of the fake doctor. One of the victims of the injections by phony doctor.

‘Doctor’s’ miracle cure kills as many as five

At least 10 are in hospital after injections by fake doctor

As many as five people have died in the Huautla de Jiménez municipality of Oaxaca after a man pretending to be a physician injected them with what they thought was a “miracle cure.”

According to officials, two residents of Mazatlán Villa de Flores and San Isidro Zoquiápam died and at least 10 others were hospitalized after the man persuaded them to be injected. However, news outlets are reporting that five people have died from the vitamin and dexamethasone shots.

A physician at the Huautla medical clinic told the newspaper El Universal that the fake doctor misled some 15 people on November 5 and 6, telling them he was going to inject them with a shot that he promoted as a “miracle cure” for several ailments.

The false practitioner traveled through several towns, allegedly carrying his “medication” in a soda bottle.

Doctor Gabriela Villalobos Muñoz added that five people had died of complications caused by the shots.

The first to die was an elderly man on November 10; four more deaths were reported over the following six days.

The remaining victims, who include a 19-month-old boy and a 16-year-old intellectually disabled teenager, are currently in hospital in Cuicatlán, Huautla de Jiménez and Teotitlán de Flores Magón.

All are reported in serious condition.

Huautla de Jiménez

The man pretending to be a doctor gave the injections at a time when several medical personnel in the greater Cañada region — where all the cases are located — were away for training in the state capital.

Local authorities and the relatives of the deceased have filed formal complaints but Attorney General Rubén Vasconcelos Méndez has announced there were only two deaths, without revealing any additional information.

Health Secretary Celestino Alonso Álvarez has reported just one death.

The injections produced abscesses and lesions on the bodies of the victims.

Source: El Universal (sp), Milenio (sp)

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