A government official picks through a tamal looking for dog bones. A government official picks through a tamal looking for dog bones.

Dog meat tamales? Officials investigate

Consumer claimed to have found a dog bone in tamal in Veracruz

Authorities in the city of Veracruz are investigating a claim that tamal vendors are selling products prepared with dog meat.

Tamal stands have operated for 30 years on Cuauhtémoc avenue and in the vicinity of a Social Security (IMSS) hospital, but a video on social media puts their reputation into question.

The footage shows an individual wearing a latex glove picking through the contents of a tamal, taking a bone fragment and declaring that it belonged not to a pig, as expected, but to a dog. The video claimed that the tamal was purchased on Cuauhtémoc avenue.

In response to the claim, authorities from the special attorney’s office for the defense of animals and the municipal government of Veracruz participated in a joint surprise inspection of the tamal stands.

In a prepared statement, the special attorney’s office explained that a visual inspection had been done on site, where samples had been collected for further analysis in a laboratory.

Veracruz Mayor Fernando Yunes Márquez said it will take two weeks for the lab tests to reveal the source of the tamal filling.

Yunes recommended abstaining from speculation about the tamales and their content, and to wait instead for the results before passing judgement.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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