Nice doggies? Not necessarily. Nice doggies? Not necessarily.

Dogs attack and kill Oaxaca man

A man described as a vagrant was killed on Saturday night by dogs in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca.

Artemio Cruz, 33, had a home in the coastal region municipality but was known for having a fondness for alcoholic beverages and often spent the night on the streets.

His naked body, found on Saturday morning, showed signs injuries caused by dog bites on the legs, arms, genitals and head, said a report by investigators.

The man’s torn clothes were found nearby along with an alcoholic beverage in a plastic bottle.

Neighbors of the area where the body was found have demanded action to improve animal control. Dogs in the streets give the city a bad image and spread disease, the neighbors said, and are now attacking people.

The incident was followed by complaints on social media about the lack of a police presence and non-existent programs to control street dogs.

A Facebook user claimed the man had been attacked by one or two pitbulls.

Source: El Universal (sp), Pinodebate (sp)

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