sorghum A sorghum crop in Mexico. Diario Fuerza

Domestic production of nitrogen fertilizer starts next year

Mexico will begin producing its own nitrogen fertilizer next year and reduce its dependency on Ukraine for the product.

Production will take place at a fertilizer plant  in Tamaulipas operated by Pemex. The state oil company bought the mothballed plant — it had been inactive for 15 years — earlier this year.

Agriculture Secretary Enrique Martínez y Martínez said most fertilizer used in Mexico, particularly nitrogen, is imported.

“At the start of the year Mexico will be able to count on sufficient domestic fertilizer at a better price, because it will be produced with gas that is going for around $3 or $4 . . . .”

Natural gas is the primary raw material used in producing nitrogen.

On Friday, Martínez y Martínez accompanied the governor on a tour, reviewing the harvest of threshed sorghum in the municipality of Valle Hermoso.

Between sorghum and white and yellow corn more than 3 million tonnes will be harvested in Tamaulipas this year, a record. The production represents 35% of what is produced nationally.

Pemex’ entry into the manufacture of fertilizer was also marked by the company’s purchase of a urea plant in Veracruz in January.

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