A London bus in Mexico City this week. A London bus in Mexico City this week.

Double-decker buses surprise commuters

Metrobus to take delivery of 90 of the buses for its Line 7 route

An unannounced trial run of new double-decker buses caught Mexico City commuters unawares yesterday.

The double-deckers, often referred to as London buses, are to join the Metrobus fleet running on Line 7, on a route that runs along Paseo de la Reforma Avenue between the Campo Marte and Indios Verdes stations.

But first authorities decided to take the vehicles for a trial run on the Metrobus Line 4 route through the city’s historic center.

Commuters were surprised when the double-deckers showed up but some were also concerned that the fare would be higher than the usual six pesos, or that senior citizen discounts would not be honored.

Fees and discounts remained the same, however, and once on board surprise turned into amazement as the lofty seats offered commuters a vantage point from which they could enjoy the sights of the city.

Passenger Patricia Velázquez said she never thought she would get to ride in a double-decker bus.

While the Turibus offers city tours on similar vehicles, the price is too high for her.

“This is the first time I’ve ridden this bus and it’s very pretty. I would never have imagined they would do something like this with Metrobus,” she told the newspaper El Universal, adding that she hoped more would be added.

Another user wondered about comfort for some riders. Given the new buses’ dimensions, they “could be uncomfortable for taller passengers.”

Still, “the buses look nice from the outside, and you can take good pictures,” added Carlos, who did not lose the opportunity to snap shots of the monuments around downtown Mexico City.

Once the streets and bus stops are modified to accommodate the new buses, a fleet of 90 will run on the Campo Marte-Indios Verdes route.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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