A lot of Fridas at Dallas party. A lot of Fridas at Dallas party. ASHLEY GONGORA & KATHY TRAN/DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART

Dressing up as Frida popular in Dallas

1,000 dress up as Frida Kahlo during museum's Mexico exhibition

There are a lot of Frida Kahlo fans in Dallas, Texas, judging by the turnout for the Mexican artist’s 110th birthday party last week at the city’s Museum of Art.


The museum invited her fans to dress up as the painter and attempt to set a Guinness record for the most people dressed as Frida in one place.

Had there been a record to break they might well have succeeded: more than 1,000 men, women and children turned up dressed as Frida. And another 4,000 came out to see the spectacle.

The Fridas donned shawls, long dresses and flowers and united their eyebrows in distinctive Kahlo fashion.

The party was part of an event called Fridamania, which itself was part of the museum’s exhibition called Mexico 1900-1950, which D Magazine reported has been one of the facility’s most-attended shows in years.

It suggested the attendance was due to the interest and enthusiasm of Dallas’ Latin community as well as the popularity of Kahlo, considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists.

She was born in 1907 in Coyocoán and began painting after she was severely injured in an accident. She became politically active and married another Mexican artist and fellow communist, Diego Rivera.

She died in 1954.

The Dallas museum’s Mexico exhibition runs until Sunday.

Source: D Magazine (en)

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Photos by Ashley Gongora and Kathy Tran, Dallas Museum of Art

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