Costumed López, right, is harassed during parade. Costumed López, right, is harassed during parade.

Dressing up as mayor gets police response

Men dress up as women for annual parade in Guerrero town

It’s customary for men to dress as women at a traditional event in a Guerrero town, but dressing up as the mayor is a no-no.

The mayor of Mártir de Cuilapan, Felicitas Muñiz Gómez, apparently was not amused when a man donned a dress and accessories that were much too close to her actual appearance.

The occasion was the Día de las Muñecas, or Day of the Dolls, an annual event in which men dress as women and parade through the streets of the Náhuatl town in the central region of Guerrero.

For the last nine years, César López Iglesias, a former municipal secretary, has made the Día de las Muñecas his own personal protest day by creating a character called “Miss Presi.” With his costume the former public servant has offered a droll criticism of the two previous municipal presidents, or mayors.

This year, López took to Facebook to find out if the town wanted Miss Presi to appear again, and the answer was yes.

So last Friday the people of Mártir de Cuilapan held their celebration, with at least 150 men dressing for the parade.

López himself opted for a wavy auburn wig, a business suit and flamboyant plastic earrings, a costume inspired by Mayor Muñiz’ own style.

Dressing up as prominent female figure of the town is popular among many of the participants, although this year all eyes were on Miss Presi becauses Muñiz has only been in office since September of last year.

But López’ costume didn’t go over well.

At least three men believed to be investigative police approached López with the intention of removing him from the parade but their attempt was cut short after other townspeople saw what was going on and demanded López’ release, threatening to lynch the officers. They in turn made it evident they were prepared to use their firearms but in the end they retreated, particularly after noticing their actions were being filmed by onlookers.

There are conflicting reports about whose idea it was to send in the police, that it was either Muñiz herself or a councillor said to be close to her.

Witnesses questioned the actions of the officers, because investigative police are employed by the state, not the municipality.

There has been no further action against López but he has declared that he is concerned about his well-being and that of his family.

Source: Interacción (sp), SDP Noticias (sp)

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