The vehicle in yesterday's train collision. The vehicle in yesterday's train collision.

Driver killed in race against freight train

Three passenger injured after vehicle flung 10 meters by the impact

Racing against a freight train proved fatal for a driver yesterday in the Jalisco municipality of El Salto.


The driver of a Ford Explorer attempted to beat the train at a level crossing in the community of El Terrero.

The vehicle was thrown almost 10 meters off the road on impact with the locomotive. Three passengers were injured, one of them seriously. The driver was killed instantly, local authorities said.

Witnesses said the truck went into the oncoming lane to race past several other vehicles that had stopped to wait for the train to pass. The train blew its whistle in warning but to no avail.

Neighbors said signal lights at the crossing don’t work despite upgrades to crossings by the federal Communications and Transportation Secretariat in 2015.

There were 27 collisions between motor vehicles and trains in Jalisco in the first three months of the year, authorities said.

Source: Publimetro (sp)

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  • cooncats

    What is it about the automobile that turns people who seem to enjoy a reasonable pace of life into nut cases who are driven to save a couple minutes time by playing Russian roulette with trains? Crazy, really!

    • David Nichols

      Some seem to think if they cross themselves as they pass the church they are protected by God against negative consequences…
      Many take the same chances at semaphores—the ones sitting at the red light like to leave in anticipation of the green light well before it actually turns green—while at the same time the cross traffic is standing on the gas when they see a yellow… And both cars meet in the middle, happens here all the time…

  • One less asshole on the highway. Sorry, but the drivers in this country have no idea what waiting your turn means. Most are courteous, but you never get in a jam without a bunch taking to driving on the shoulder and butting their way in at the front. And they expect you, who have waited, to let them cut in and get nasty if you don’t. I don’t, but the guy in front of me does and the guy behind me does. So there you go, too courteous and too rude, both feeding each other.