Crushed: Jetta lies under trailer in Saltillo Crushed: Jetta lies under trailer in Saltillo. vanguardia

Driver unscathed after trailer crushes car

Driver of semi-trailer lost race against a train in Saltillo

A semi-trailer driver lost a race against a train in Coahuila this week and came close to causing the death of a nearby motorist.

The truck almost made it across the tracks in time on Nazario S. Otiz Garza boulevard in Saltillo but the train caught the tail end of the trailer, pushing it on top of a Volkswagen Jetta that was heading in the opposite direction but had stopped for the train.

Had driver Juan Francisco Valero not seen the trailer falling his way and lunged for the passenger door, he may not have survived the accident.

The car was crushed under the weight of 20 tonnes of automotive parts, and the driver’s side took the brunt of it.

Valero, who survived unscratched, reflected after that his lunge for the passenger door was the best decision he’d ever made. He had been able to react quickly enough and, with the aid of a friend, escape from his vehicle, he said.

“I feel blessed.”

The other driver, meanwhile, fled the scene.

Source: Vanguardia (sp), El Heraldo de Saltillo (sp)

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Photos courtesy Vanguardia

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