Some of the products manufactured by Genomma. Some of the products manufactured by Genomma.

Drug firm’s plant set to begin operations

Genomma Lab will open its first Mexican factory in Toluca

Mexican pharmaceutical firm Genomma Lab International is preparing to start operations in its new México state manufacturing plant next week.

The drug manufacturer and distributor bought the facility in Toluca in October last year.

After an injection of US $3 billion that included buying new machinery, the firm began doing trial manufacturing runs, anticipating an opening date in mid-2018.

The expectations were met early and the company announced this week the plant will go into operation December 12.

Along with the manufacturing facility the site has warehouses and administrative offices.

The multinational pharmaceutical had been manufacturing all of its products through external contractors, which limited the company’s control over the manufacturing process.

Genomma plans to begin by producing a small number of its products and then gradually increasing output by adding a product every month. The goal is to produce a total of 29 million units per month.

As the pharma firm gears up for production at its first manufacturing plant on Mexican soil, it also announced that it started building a new plant in San Cayetano, Morelos, in October.

The facility is under construction on a 79-hectare piece of land and represents an investment of close to 1.4 billion pesos (about $75 million). The plant will begin with just under 58,000 square meters in its first stage, but can be expanded to nearly 150,000 square meters.

Source: El Economista (sp), Reforma (sp)

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