The campaign van, broadsided by police. The campaign van, broadsided by police.

Allegedly drunk cops hit Morena party campaign van in Puebla

Witnesses said later that municipal police altered the scene of the accident

Three allegedly drunk municipal police officers crashed a vehicle into the campaign van of a candidate for mayor in Puebla yesterday.

The three officers, two in uniform and one in civilian clothes, were traveling in a privately owned pickup truck in Cerco de Piedra when collision occurred.

The van was carrying Pascual Morales Martínez, who is running for mayor of Francisco Z. Mena under the banner of the Morena party, and nine campaign workers.

According to witness accounts, the police officers smelled of alcohol and cans of beer could be seen inside their truck.

The first reaction of the two men in uniform was to flee the scene but local residents stopped them. However, the officer in civilian clothes pulled out an assault rifle and threatened to open fire on the people blocking the road.

After a de-escalation in tensions police from Francisco Z. Mena arrived to carry away their three colleagues, but residents again blocked the way.

The impasse was broken when officials from the state prosecutor’s office arrived and started investigating the crash.

No arrests were made and anonymous witness accounts stated that municipal police altered the scene, removing the beer cans from the truck and taking away the assault rifle with which residents had been threatened.

Municipal police officers are employed by a National Action Party-led administration, which has drawn suspicion on the part of the Morena party campaign team that the collision was intentional.

The accident caused only minor injuries.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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