Duarte in Guatemala this morning. Duarte in Guatemala this morning.

Duarte back in MX for corruption charges

Three months after his capture in Guatemala, former governor is extradited

The former governor of Veracruz returned in handcuffs to Mexico today to face corruption charges following his extradition by Guatemala.

Javier Duarte, shorn of the beard he had grown during his detention in Guatemala City, was turned over by Interpol Guatemala to Mexican officials at about 9:30 this morning, and flown in an Attorney General’s aircraft to Mexico City.

Duarte is accused of embezzling billions of pesos and organized crime links among several other charges.

His attorney said in an interview this morning that his client is optimistic about his return to Mexico after fleeing last October and spending six months as a fugitive.

Carlos Velázquez said “he is optimistic because he knows he is going to resolve his problem.”

The extradition process took three months; Duarte was arrested in a Guatemala tourist destination on April 15.

What, if anything, will happen to his wife remains a mystery.

Karime Macías Tubillas has been accused of involvement in multiple illegal operations while her husband was governor from 2016 until 2016, but has never been summoned to answer to the accusations.

Inaction against Macías has led to rumors that Duarte made a secret deal with Mexican authorities to face the accusations against him in exchange for his wife’s freedom.

She initiated divorce proceedings from Paris, France, according to a report earlier this month by Radio Fórmula, which suggested she would be entitled to half of the proceeds of the couple’s alleged embezzlement.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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