Macías: ordered illegal activity. Macías: directed illegal activity.

Duarte’s wife ordered illegal operations

Ex-frontmen for former governor give evidence against Karime Macías

How involved was the wife of former Veracruz governor Javier Duarte in nefarious schemes to embezzle state resources?

Very involved, claim two of the chief witnesses — themselves accomplices — who have provided evidence against Duarte and Karime Macías Tubilla, who is neither in custody nor under investigation.

Alfonso Ortega López and Juan José Janeiro Rodríguez, both lawyers and former frontmen for the ex-governor, have given evidence that Macías was the one who ordered illegal transactions such as the purchase of real estate through shell companies.

“Everything was done under her orders. She was the one who decided when and where money was to be moved,” declared Ortega according to the investigative file.

He recalled that Macías ordered him in 2011 to create a shell company and use it to purchase four luxury condominiums in New York. Each cost US $400,000.

“Under her orders those apartments were owned by two different shell companies,” Ortega told authorities.

He also purchased jewelry for the woman who famously wrote of her fondness for “abundance” in a diary found in February in which she had penned the phrase, “Yes, I deserve abundance” 46 times.

Ortega travelled to Mexico City in 2014 and spent $225,000 on jewelry for Macías.

Janeiro told the authorities he wished to “provide clear and precise data that involved Duarte and his wife in the use of resources from the state of Veracruz for their own benefit.”

The witness offered several instances of Duarte ordering him to obtain loans “to deal with expenses related to commitments made by the government of Veracruz, such as the payment of salaries and year-end bonuses.”

But instead, the loan proceeds were “divvied up among several companies for the personal use of him and his wife.”

Duarte’s attempts to cover up the embezzlement of public funds were “laughable,” declared Janeiro. His solution was to “disappear” all accounting and electronic records from state agencies.

Janeiro remarked that the governor had “forgotten” to erase those records from banking institutions and the federal Finance Secretariat.

Duarte is awaiting a trial for charges of corruption but his wife and alleged accomplice, Karime Macías Tubilla, is believed to be in Paris.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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