Flooding in Durango last night. Flooding in Durango last night.

Durango emergency: five dead in flooding

Rainfall totaled 97 millimeters in eight hours

Five people are dead in the city of Durango after 97 millimeters of rain — 20% of what is normally recorded in a year — fell in an eight-hour period.


The northwestern and western parts of the city were hardest hit where 80% of the area was under water.

Floodwaters reached the level of the Puente Negro, where three people drowned when they attempted to drive across the bridge.

In the La Virgen neighborhood, where the damage is believed to be the worst, water was as deep as 110 centimeters and most houses were flooded. In the same area, five families were rescued from their vehicles after they were trapped by the current of a river that overflowed its banks.

Reports estimated that hundreds if not thousands of homes have sustained flood damage.

The Durango state government issued a special emergency declaration today.

Three business groups, Coparmex, Canaco and the Business Coordinating Council, opened emergency centers to accept donations of supplies for flood victims. Civil Protection reported that 18 emergency shelters were in operation.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Universal (sp)

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