One of the Reynosa tunnels. One of the Reynosa tunnels.

Earth moving, scanner locate prison tunnels

Three located on weekend in Reynosa penitentiary

Inmates of a Reynosa, Tamaulipas, penitentiary have been doing some excavating.

Prison officials discovered three tunnels in various stages of excavation at the Centro de Ejecución de Sanciones de Reynosa after noting the mysterious movement of earth on the prison grounds.

The tunnels were found on the weekend in a workshop area with the aid of a geolocating device.

The access to one was a two-meter-deep, 70 by 70-centimeter opening leading to a 1.5-meter-wide tunnel that was four meters long.

It was equipped with electrical wiring and three air conditioning units, and was being used as a storage area for construction supplies, including cement, sand and bricks.

Just 20 meters away, inside a prison cell, authorities found the entrance to a second tunnel behind a privacy wall next to a toilet.

Located under a 60 by 60-centimeter slab of concrete, the two-meter tunnel was apparently just being started, and authorities believe it was intended to connect with the first.

The third tunnel was found under a food stand and was being used to store beer, wine and drugs.

The warden said the use of high-tech equipment and alert guards led to the discovery of the excavations.

“The tunnel was found using a scanning device . . . that shows us vibrations and everything there is. Also, our guards noticed the unusual movement of soil,” said José Manuel Montaño Maguey.

Inmates and prison staff will be investigated in connection with the tunnel works.

Source: Reforma (sp)
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