Huge rock closes road. Huge rock closes road.

Earthquake devastates Oaxaca’s Mixe region

In one municipality, 300 homes damaged, dozens destroyed

At least 15 municipalities in the Mixe region of Oaxaca have been devastated by last Thursday’s earthquake.

The head of a local organization called Servicios del Pueblo Mixe (Services for the Mixe People) said the situation has been complicated by heavy rainfall in the region for more than seven days.

Adelfo Regino Montes said highways have been severely damaged, hundreds of homes have collapsed, crops have been lost and electrical service knocked out.

Of 300 homes damaged by the 8.2-magnitude earthquake in Santiago Zacatepec, dozens have been completely destroyed.

Residents are only now just recovering after a storm ripped the roofs off many homes, leaving them partially or completely destroyed, Montes said.

Donations for citizens of the Mixe region, located in the eastern highlands of the state, are being accepted at three locations in Oaxaca city: Calle Cosijoeza 113, corner of Libres; in the zócalo; and in front of the Monte Albán convention center.

Source: El Universal (sp)

The Mixe region of Oaxaca.
The Mixe region of Oaxaca.
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