Aurelio Nuño Education Secretary Nuño: Persona non grata in Oaxaca.

Education reforms will be applied ‘forcefully’

New Education Secretary vows that the reforms will advance

The new Secretary of Education has pledged that education reforms will be applied “forcefully” throughout Mexico, and through dialogue with teachers.

Aurelio Nuño, chief of staff to President Enrique Peña Nieto until this week’s cabinet shuffle, said the administration is determined that the reforms advance in all parts of the country.

In Oaxaca, however, the dissident CNTE teachers’ union not only rejected the new secretary’s appointment, but vowed he would not be allowed to set foot within Oaxaca territory.

Spokesman for union local Section 22, Mohamed Otaqui Toledo, described Nuño as someone who has had nothing to do with education, accusing him of promoting government policies that have contributed to poverty. The cabinet changes, he said, represent a recycling of functionaries and empowering people who have looted the country.

Otaqui Toledo also said the Section 22 will not allow the return to Oaxaca of any government linked with President Peña Nieto and “priismo,” or the policies of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which he charged has represented corruption, repression, authoritarianism and tyranny.

He said the union’s grassroots will be on alert to sabotage and boycott any public or political activities by federal authorities in Oaxaca.

But it remains unclear how much grassroots support the union has following revelations of generous salaries and other perks enjoyed by union leaders, and the reorganization of the state’s educational institute, which had been largely under union control.

Nuño said in an interview this week that the secretariat’s dialogue with teachers will take place through the officially recognized union, the SNTE.

Nuño has been credited with steering through to approval the ambitious set of reforms, 11 in total, that were introduced by the Peña Nieto government upon its election in 2012.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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