Mexican fans extend one arm and chant, 'Eh, puto!' Mexican fans extend one arm and chant, 'Eeeh, puto!'

‘Eeeh, puto’ chant nets 600,000-peso fine

FIFA fines soccer association after fans shout the taunt, seen by many as homophobic

Mexican soccer fans’ traditional taunting chant of “Eeeh, puto!” has earned the Mexican Soccer Federation a fine of nearly 600,000 pesos, or just over US $30,000.

The fine was issued by FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, after a match between the Mexican national team and its Honduras counterpart.

Soccer’s international authority decided the Mexican fans had engaged in discriminatory behavior after they shouted the cry, seen by many as homophobic, every time the rival goalie cleared the ball.

Puto is Spanish for male prostitute and is a word that is also used also as a derisive term to describe homosexuals, cowards and traitors in some Latin American countries.

The Mexican Soccer Federation has been warned and fined before for the practice by FIFA.

In a press release listing several sanctions applied to diverse national federations, FIFA said that all fines “relate to incidents involving discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans, including homophobic chants in some instances.”

To reach its decision, the organization analyzed “all of the specific circumstances of each case, in particular the match officials’ reports, the position adopted by the association (if applicable) as well as the anti-discrimination match observer’s report and the relevant evidence available,” read the communiqué.

The newspaper Milenio reported that Mexican soccer fanatics have “relapsed” by repeating the chant at several 2018 World Cup qualifying matches, but that FIFA had abstained from applying harsher punishments given “the member associations’ efforts to raise awareness among spectators and fight discrimination.”

The issue gained international attention during the last World Cup in Brazil.

Source: La Afición Milenio (sp)

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