CFE rates are coming down for industrial users. CFE rates are coming down for industrial users.

Electrical rate hike reduced in Baja

300% increase for industrial customers in Baja California cut back to 4.7%

After hitting industry in Baja California with electricity cost hikes of up to 300%, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has reconsidered and reduced the increase in the tariffs to just 4.7%.


The chairman of the Tijuana chapter of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Kurt Honold Morales, explained that the move followed a series of negotiations held by business representatives with those of the federal government after the whopping rate increases were revealed in November.

Honold was satisfied with the new rate increase, the same that went into effect elsewhere in the country. “[The 4.7% hike] is the one applied at the national level . . . ” he said.

He also explained that electricity rates are calculated through a formula that takes into consideration several conditions, including location and the net cost of power generation.

He remarked that a major factor in the 300% rate hike was that the Baja California power grid is not connected to that of the rest of the country. “This parameter, as much as we can see, marked the difference for such a rise.”

Honold also said the bidding process to connect the state to the national grid “is already in the works.”

Source: Frontera (sp)

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  • CensorSheep

    like saying ” how much for the CFE perro in the window? $50,000 pesos? naw, gimme $10 bucks

  • kallen

    Baja has some of the best solar resources on the planet but yet the generating strategy is stuck in mid-20th century technology. It could be alleviated if more business and people went solar but alas – its all taxed at the border to a degree that it is not economical AND Mexico doesn’t see the future that shines down on them every day. What a wasted opportunity.