electricity theft Tapping into the grid.

Electricity theft cost 95mn pesos in Puebla

Thefts soared last year and even government offices were among the thieves

Electricity theft in Puebla has cost the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) more than 104 million pesos (US $5.5 million) since 2014, and the problem has become considerably worse during that time.


CFE documents obtained by the newspaper El Universal show a sharp spike in the crime in various parts of the state over the past three years.

While the practice mainly occurs in the residential sector, it has also been detected among commercial users and even in government offices.

Charges were brought in 19 cases of electricity theft in 2014 in which the CFE incurred losses of 357,000 pesos.

In 2015, losses grew to almost 9 million pesos and the CFE pressed charges in seven cases. One was a government office but which was not specified.

It was in 2016 that thefts soared, with the CFE reporting economic damage totaling 94.8 million pesos.

Thirty-six cases were brought before the federal Attorney General, with 28 in residences and four each in the commercial and government sectors.

Again, the area of government was not specified.

The 2016 theft increase corresponds to a substantial electricity price hike for businesses and high-consumption residences.

Up until April of this year, just two cases have been reported.

According to the federal criminal code, electricity theft carries a penalty of three to 10 years’ imprisonment as well as a fine of 1,000 times the daily minimum wage, or 80,000 pesos.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • miabeach

    I guess Donald Trump is right.

    • michael

      Donald is what is wrong with America. A bunch of old white people who cannot stop multiculturalism no matter what they do. Conservatives are haters with black souls. It will kill them in the end. Hate and intolerance does that.

      • miabeach

        The United States is a melting pot of people’s who become one. We are not a multi culture society. It’s why Purto rico is not a state. Multi culturism does not work anywhere it’s tried. Israel is multi culture. South Africa is multi cultured. The USA welcomes all who wish to become American, those who obey our laws, respect our culture and learn our language are always welcomed. Trespassers, people who refuse to speak English, and law breakers will never be welcomed, we will never elect any Obama type open border nut jobs again. God bless Donald J Trump.

      • indyjeepman

        I’d say that people like your moronic self are a bigger part. Amazing that you can actually use the word intolerance without feeling a bit hypocritical. Guess that’s part of being a sociopath.

  • jaime

    A country of laws that no-one pays attention to.

  • jdwfinger

    I have never met a Mexican that doesn’t steal or take bribes and that has been for almost 10 years. Just the culture I guess.

  • K. Chris C.

    Always a laugh when highlighted are the thefts from the tyranny by those impoverished by the tyranny.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Gerald R Meyers

    I know a few mexicans that steal electric in the states, must be a habit.

  • Vernon King

    Go look at your north of the border electric bill. Mine for 300KwH a month is 1600P in central Mexico. People on small islands pay less than this. Go compare than you might understand the situation. If you use less than 250KwH it is affordable but more is not. It was cheaper for me to put a solar system on roof than pay the penalty bill for using more than 250KwH a month. Luckily net metering ( meter goes both ways) is the law in Mexico.
    Lots of honest people in Mexico folks. Don’t be insulting. How many people cheap on income tax in USA????

  • cooncats

    American utilities check their systems routinely for “leakage” and when they find illegal connections, they just remove them and shut the power off. Anyone from CFE could walk around my neighborhood and quickly find the thieves. The other trick is to rig the meter not to record.

    The problem here, which is reflected both in the theft and the ridiculously high rates is that government is not qualifed to be in the power business or for that matter the oil business as Mexico demonstrates daily. The regulated utility model combines control of a natural monopoly with the efficiency of the private sector and it works.

    Put the profit motive into the business and you’ll get lower rates, far less theft, better facilities. Carlos Slim for all his flaws has demonstrated that very well with TelMex.